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How a Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

A few months ago you noticed some sensitivity in your tooth when you were at the ice cream shop. You didn't think too much about it since it went away on its own. However, last night that same tooth woke you up with severe and excruciating pain that couldn't even be touched with ibuprofen. What is happening to your tooth, and how can you eliminate this pain?

Contact Your Dentist Right Away

A tooth that is causing you constant pain is probably infected. This means that decay has made its way into the nerve of your tooth causing an infection and a lot of pain. If this is the case, your tooth ...

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Is It Time to Consider Extraction?

Patient Considering A Procedure | Extractions In Ocean City MD

The last news that you want to receive is that you need a tooth extraction. However, some situations might require the removal of your tooth to protect your oral health. Here are some of the cases which might warrant dental extractions in Ocean City, MD.

Wisdom Teeth

The recommendation to remove third molars is a prevalent one and typically comes around the ages of 18 to 25 years old. Wisdom teeth should be removed if:

  • They are crowding your other teeth and causing shifting
  • You can't reach them to brush and floss them properly
  • They are stuck beneath the gum line, or impacted - this can result in an infection
  • They have come in at odd ...

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Achoo!! Why You Shoudn't Skimp on Your Oral Health Routine... Especially When You're Sick!

Don't Skip Your Brushing When You Are Sick | Stay Hydrated

When you're sick, the last thing you feel like doing is brushing your teeth; however, keeping up your oral health is an important part of getting back on the path to wellness. Here are some other helpful tips to get you through your sickness faster, while also protecting your oral health.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking fluids is vital when you're sick to hydrate your body, and they also help to keep your mouth hydrated, so you don't suffer from the dry mouth that is sometimes caused by certain medications or cough drops.

Your best bet is to choose water when you're sick, or tea if you feel like you want a warm beverage. Avoid ...

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Dental Anxiety and Its Long-Term Consequences

Dental Anxiety | Dentist Ocean City MD

You might feel silly for having dental anxiety, but it is a real condition that millions of Americans experience. Sometimes those fears can be traced to an unpleasant childhood event, a fear of pain, or seemingly develop out of nowhere.

At Atlantic Dental, we are accustomed to helping patients overcome their dental fears so they can have the dental care they need to stay healthy.

Here are some of the consequences of avoiding the dental office for any reason, including unmanaged anxiety.

Small Problems become Big Ones

What could have been solved with a simple procedure will eventually become a serious problem if you ignore it. Dental conditions don’t heal on their own and ...

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3 Ways to Celebrate That Don't Include Sweets

Dentist Ocean City

It seems like celebrations often revolve around foods – especially sweets! After all, who doesn’t love celebratory cookies or cake for a special get together with friends or an office party? The truth is that too many celebrations that involve sweets can take a toll on your teeth and your waistline.

Learning how to celebrate without the sugary, high-calorie foods we love so much can take some practice, but it can be done!

#1 Chip in for Flowers Instead

Who doesn’t love a bright bouquet of flowers or a green houseplant to remind them how special they are? Rather than spending money on a cake, chip in for a nice bouquet or a ...

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Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Overcoming Dental Anxiety | Ocean City Dentist

Dental anxiety is something that plagues millions of Americans. Some studies show that 30 percent or more of the adult population has some fear about going to the dentist, though it is less common in the younger generation.

Advancements in dentistry have made it more comfortable, fast, and easy for patients to have their dental care without pain.

A recent study shows that patients who avoid the dentist because of fear or anxiety end up with compromised oral health.

Your Dental Team Matters

If you feel anxious at the dental office, let the team know. Our dental office staff members are compassionate and will go the extra mile to ensure your comfort and wellbeing.

If ...

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Types of Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentist Ocean City MD

If you experience a dental emergency, being prepared and informed on how to handle the situation and what to expect can make a big difference! Our office is prepared to help in a dental emergency and get you or a family member the treatment needed to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Here are some of the most common types of dental emergencies: 

  • Injury: One of the most common dental emergencies is an injury. If you have a cracked or broken tooth because of an injury while playing sports, or some kind of activity, it can cause a lot of pain. You might have even had your tooth knocked out ...

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