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When a Cracked Tooth Doesn't Hurt

March 21, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Lawrence Michnick
Dentist Ocean City MD

Sometimes when we explain to one of our patients that they need a dental crown, they are shocked because they have not experienced tooth pain.

The truth is that dental conditions often do not cause pain until the condition is well advanced. This is because your tooth’s nerve is protected deep inside your tooth structure. Enamel and dentin house the nerve and blood supply of your tooth, and unless decay or damage has reached those internal tooth structures, you may not know that anything has changed.

Why We Recommend Dental Crowns

We often recommend dental crowns after a root canal, deep decay, or fracture to your tooth structure. The goal of a dental crown is to prolong the life of your tooth and provide comfort, including reduced sensitivity. A crown also adds support to a damaged tooth by absorbing much of the force when you chew.

In the case of a fracture or deep decay, the integrity of your tooth may suffer. When left untreated, your tooth may split or break when you bite into your favorite snack or from clenching and grinding during sleep.

If you have suffered from a teeth grinding habit for many years, your teeth can become worn, exposing the dentin. We can rebuild your bite and improve your smile with durable dental crowns.

How We Detect Cracked Teeth

Even if your tooth does not hurt, a microscopic crack may be letting bacteria into your internal tooth structure.

Bacteria are the cause of dental decay. Often times, Dr. Michnick or Dr. Takacs can visually detect a crack in a tooth during your regular dental exam because cracks collect stains. This is the best-case scenario because we can address the problem before pain and an emergency arise.

We also use dental x-rays to detect trouble with your teeth. Other times, we can use a bite test when we suspect a crack we cannot see.

Whether you feel you may need a dental crown or it is just time for your next exam and you need a dentist in Ocean City, MD, give us a call! We welcome new patients and can get you the answers you need. 

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