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Why an Implant Restoration Is the Best Tooth Replacement Choice

February 18, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Lawrence Michnick
Dental Implant Diagram | Dentist In Ocean City Maryland

Tooth loss can have a devastating impact on your emotional health, and missing teeth limit dietary choices. In our, Ocean City, MD dental office, we want to give you back your smile and help optimize your diet.

At Atlantic Dental, we care about your teeth and your self-confidence!

Other implications for missing teeth may include:

  • Changes in speaking voice or pronounced “S” sounds
  • Teeth shifting toward open gaps
  • Wear on existing teeth that must do all the chewing
  • Bone loss

While there are several cosmetic options out there—even dentures—nothing restores your smile and your bite like implant restorations. In fact, implant restorations are the only permanent and aesthetically appealing choice for those who want best and lasting results.

The Restoration Implant Process

A restoration implant restores your speaking voice, prevents teeth from shifting, remedies wear on existing teeth, and helps fight against bone loss.

A restorative implant is a small titanium post that our top Ocean City dentist implants in your gum. Within several weeks, this post bonds with your jawbone and provides a solid foundation for an artificial but lifelike replacement tooth.  

You can opt for one or a few restoration implants. Additionally, a few well-placed implant posts can support a row of realistic teeth, giving you a permanent smile solution.

Throughout the restoration implant process, our cosmetic dentist and caring team will keep you comfortable. We offer numbing to make the procedure virtually pain free and provide all after-care instructions.

The first step, however, is visiting our top Ocean City dentist to learn whether you’re a good candidate for dental implants.

Contact Our Ocean City Dental Office

If you’ve been considering restoration implants or other cosmetic dental procedures, contact Atlantic Dental today. Our compassionate team is available to answer questions and address any concerns that you may have.

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