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3 Ways to Celebrate That Don't Include Sweets

October 2, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Kristen Mazzei
Dentist Ocean City

It seems like celebrations often revolve around foods – especially sweets! After all, who doesn’t love celebratory cookies or cake for a special get together with friends or an office party? The truth is that too many celebrations that involve sweets can take a toll on your teeth and your waistline.

Learning how to celebrate without the sugary, high-calorie foods we love so much can take some practice, but it can be done!

#1 Chip in for Flowers Instead

Who doesn’t love a bright bouquet of flowers or a green houseplant to remind them how special they are? Rather than spending money on a cake, chip in for a nice bouquet or a gift such as a round of golf that encourages activity instead of promoting a sugar binge.

#2 Make Time for Hiking with Friends

A weekend or after-work hike can be a way to bond and spend some quality time with people you enjoy. You can even take a quick walk in the middle of the day to get the heart pumping and promote that boost of energy you need to get through the day.

Especially if you work in front of a computer all day, leading a sedentary lifestyle can take years off of your life. Short bursts of movement throughout the day counteract the negative impact of sitting all day.

#3 Fruit Arrangements

If you do want to celebrate using food, cheerful fruit arrangements are now available and can substitute the carb and sugar heavy foods that cause tooth decay, diabetes, and obesity. Not only are fruit arrangements delicious, but they provide a cheery snack for everyone in the office without the negative consequences.

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