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Dental Insurance and Your Treatments

July 3, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Kristen Mazzei
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The world of dental insurance can seem overwhelming, especially if you don't fully understand your coverage. Working with an experienced dental team is the best way to ensure that you understand how your coverage will affect the treatments that you need!

Budgeting for Dental Health

Going to the dentist after a long time away can sometimes mean that you'll need more than just a dental cleaning. If your dentist recommends many treatments that you need, talk to them about which treatments are most urgent. The staff at a dental office should be able to help you determine the exact costs you can expect for each treatment, and then you can determine a treatment plan over a period of time that works best for you. 

Dental insurance plans vary drastically based on which insurance company you choose, and which plan. If your insurance is through your workplace, you may not have had too many options for which plan you are on. That being said, if one treatment isn't covered well on your plan, ask your dentist about other possibilities that suit your needs for oral health, and also your budget and insurance coverage. There are so many procedures available today to treat dental issues, so do your research!

The dental staff should be able to clearly outline your coverage for any treatment recommendations before any treatments are performed. For some treatments, like crowns, you might have options for different levels of quality and cost, and we can help you choose the right level for your needs. Dental insurance doesn't have to be confusing, and if you work with our team, we'll be sure to explain any area of your coverage that you would like more information on!

If you don't have coverage for a treatment that you need, we can help you work out the best way to finance the treatment. We pride ourselves in ensuring that every patient gets the care they deserve, including those not covered by insurance. Our team will help you make the right choices to ensure that you stay healthy!

Discuss Dental Insurance at our Ocean City MD Office

If you have any questions about the treatments that we offer at Atlantic Dental, or if you'd like to schedule an appointment with our dentist, give us a call today to get started. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, happy smile!

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