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The Neuromuscular Treatment Process for TMJ Pain

January 2, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Lawrence Michnick
TMJ Treatment | Atlantic Dental Ocean City MD

If you suffer from TMJ, also known as TMD or jaw pain, you might be desperate for help. Clicking, popping, and locking jaws can make it difficult for day-to-day life to feel comfortable. TMD can even lead to headaches, migraines, and facial soreness that wear on the body over time.

At Atlantic Dental, our dentists have completed additional training to gain in-depth knowledge about the comprehensive system that includes your muscles, jaw joints, nerves, teeth, and gums. They have a deep understanding of occlusion (how your bite comes together) and can address most cases of TMD through neuromuscular treatment.

How We Approach TMJ Treatment

We will begin with an evaluation to determine the best way to approach your jaw conditions and provide you with relief. Our dentists will determine the health of your joints, look closely at how your teeth come together, and identify any areas that may interfere with a comfortable bite. They will then use this knowledge to develop a treatment plan that provides your muscles and joints with the greatest relief. In most cases, if we can take care of the muscles and joints, other symptoms naturally disappear on their own.

We may recommend a combination of the following neuromuscular treatments:

  • Splint therapy (nightguard)
  • Lifestyle modification (alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine contribute to bruxism)
  • Orthodontics to correct a misaligned bite
  • Occlusal adjustments to the surfaces of your teeth or dentistry
  • Reconstructive dentistry to correct a misaligned or worn bite

Each patient is different, and the type of treatment that will work best for you depends on your unique needs. We provide reliable results for compliant patients and are able to significantly decrease or eliminate the symptoms associated with jaw pain by addressing the problems you experience and bringing greater harmony and function to your entire jaw, teeth, and muscle system.

Contact our Ocean City, MD dental office to discuss the neuromuscular treatment options that will work best for you.

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