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Do I need a crown?

Image of dental crownsSince not all dental problems cause pain or sensitivity right away, the best way to know if you need a crown is to get regular dental exams. Crowns are a commonly used tool for restoring teeth that are damaged or weakened in some way. Take a look at these situations that often require using a dental crown in Ocean City.

Common Reasons For Needing A Crown

Cracked or broken teeth. If a cracked or broken tooth is found early, a crown can protect it from breaking further and becoming decayed later on. If the tooth is already decayed, a dentist can remove the infected pulp of the tooth in a process called a root canal. The dentist then places a custom-made porcelain crown on the tooth, which allows it to function normally.

Deeply decayed teeth. Many cavities can be resolved using fillings. But when deep decay weakens a tooth’s inner structure, a crown gives it the reinforcement it needs. Crowns also last longer and provide more protection than most fillings.

Teeth that need aesthetic or functional help. Crowns can fix an uneven bite, even out worn down teeth, or give a uniform size, shape, and color to your teeth. Take these factors into account as you look into getting a dental crown in Ocean City.

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