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What is nitrous oxide?

One of the most commonly used What Is Nitrous Oxide | Dental Anxiety methods of sedation used in dental offices is nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen. It is an inhaled form of sedation. It may make you feel a bit light-headed and you could feel giddy, causing the giggles. That is why patients often refer to nitrous oxide as laughing gas. It is the mildest form of sedation we offer. It is generally tolerated very well and is so safe, we can even use it on kids to help relax them for their dental appointment.

The Science Behing Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide enters and leaves your system very easily. It starts to take effect after a few short inhalations and leaves your system within a few moments of discontinuing it. That makes it ideal for patients who do not want to feel groggy for the rest of the day, but who need a little help relaxing for their dental appointment. 

Side effects are minimal and include light-headedness and nausea. If you begin to feel nauseated, simply let us know and we can turn down the flow so that the feeling goes away. 

Things To Consider

Nitrous oxide is safe, but it is not recommended for patients who are pregnant. Please let us know if you are pregnant before your dental appointment so we can avoid using nitrous oxide.

If you wish to use this sedation method, you must make us aware in advance when scheduling your next appointment.

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