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How often should I whiten my teeth with professional teeth whitening?

At Atlantic Dental, many of our Ocean City, MD dental patients want to know how often they should be whitening their teeth. The simple answer is that the frequency varies from person to person, but you should always follow the recommendations of your dentist and the instructions listed on the whitening products you use. Bleaching your teeth too often is ineffective and can be harmful to your smile. We sometimes recommend to our patients that teeth whitening every other day can be effective, but again, it's best to ask your dentist.

Professional-strength teeth whitening products are stronger than store-bought, over-the-counter treatments, which means they should be used less frequently. As a general rule, if you have had your teeth whitened professionally with our in-office EZ White teeth whitening in Ocean City, the results should last for at least one year.

Similarly, if you have used our product at home with custom whitening trays, you should not need to bleach your smile more than once a year. However, if you consistently drink dark liquids such as coffee and red wine, you may need to touch up certain teeth before the year is over.

Professional teeth whitening is always preferable to drug-store whitening kits, but if you do choose to use these pre-packaged treatments, you should not whiten your teeth more than every six months.

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