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Sedation Dentistry

If you are a patient who gets sweaty palms and a racing heart when you think of having dental treatment, you have a lot of company. About one-third of Americans report having dental anxiety or a fear of the dentist.

sedation dentistry anxiety dentist ocean city marylandOur dentists, Dr. Lawrence Michnick and Dr. Christopher Takacs introduced a solution that makes dentistry a more comfortable experience for our nervous patients. Sedation dentistry opens the door to patients who have put off treatment or who just want to relax completely for their procedure.

Delaying treatment for your oral conditions may cause them to progress, leading to more costly and complex treatment. Sedation dentistry can help you avoid unnecessary dental emergencies and tooth loss by making dentistry easier and more comfortable.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide is a gentle type of sedation that enters the system through a comfortable nose mask. A sweet smelling gas, nitrous oxide is safe for most patients. We blend it with oxygen and can control the level of sedation easily to ensure your comfort. One of the reasons patients choose nitrous is because it is short-lived, making it possible for you to drive and to resume your normal schedule right away.

Because it is so safe, we can even help kids relax while they receive treatment.

dental exam anxiety sedation dentist ocean city marylandOral Sedation Dentistry

Atlantic Dental does not provide this level of sedation.  However, we recommend Dr. Edward Dougherty.  You may contact him at


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