Teeth Whitening

Have you noticed that your teeth are not as bright as they used to be? As we age, food, beverages and tobacco can stain teeth, making them look dingy and dull. Stained, yellow teeth can leave the impression that they are dirty, decayed or that you are older than you really are. Professional teeth whitening is a fast, affordable and safe way for you to improve your smile quickly.

If you have an upcoming wedding that you want to look perfect for, or if you simply want to improve your look, we can help with professional teeth whitening. Our dentists can answer any questions or address concerns about the process and aftercare.

How Does Teeth Whitening in Ocean City Work?
Improving and beautifying our appearance has always been a human desire, dating as far back as we can go in our history. Thankfully, we live in a time where almost anything can be changed, including brown or stained teeth.

While everyone’s teeth are different and results can vary, teeth whitening is an incredibly effective way to polish your pearly whites. The protective outer layer of our teeth (the enamel) can thin out over a lifetime of wear and tear. The layer underneath, the dentin, is usually yellowish or gray in color. When the enamel wears down, we start seeing some of the dentin. Diet (like coffee and wine), smoking, medication, trauma and injury can all further discolor teeth.

Whitening works in one of two ways. It either removes surface stains from the enamel, or it changes the color of the dentin. When using a whitening toothpaste or whitening gels you find in stores, the overall effect is usually one or two shades lighter since the result is short-lived and minimal. The problem with using store-bought brands is that some brands contain abrasives that remove surface stains—along with precious enamel. Removing the enamel can actually make your teeth appear even more stained, so you can be worse off than when you started.

Changing the color of your teeth requires bleaching, which lasts longer and can whiten your teeth dramatically. To be safe about the care and health of your teeth’s enamel, we recommend seeking professional teeth whitening treatment. At Atlantic Dental Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, our team is trained to effectively and gently polish your smile without removing any essential surface layers. We always recommend seeking out professional consul before applying chemicals or bleach to your teeth at home, since some brands can be abrasive or non-effectual. Do not waste your time or money on products that do not work; allow us to help you.

What is EPIC Teeth Whitening?
We are proud to offer EPIC laser teeth whitening in Ocean City, Maryland. EPIC teeth whitening is an effective way to improve the shade of your teeth for lasting results. The EPIC laser treatment is an in-office teeth whitening treatment that can brighten discolored teeth in just one dental visit.

During the teeth whitening process, our dentists will apply a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to your teeth. Once the gel is applied, they activate it with a special handpiece from BIOLASE that outputs laser light. Think of the laser as diffused light rather than a harsh spotlight of concentrated light. If you have sensitive teeth, just let our team know so we can make your experience more comfortable. The laser lightens brown, yellowed and tough stains, and you can see immediate improvement.

The Benefits of EPIC Teeth Whitening
If you are interested in upgrading your smile, here are some things you might want to know about the EPIC laser treatment:
It Is Fast—In fact, EPIC teeth whitening is twice as fast as most whitening systems. On average, a laser procedure takes an average of twenty minutes at our dental office.

It Whitens Effectively—Our in-office EPIC whitening system on average shows four to six shades of teeth whitening improvement, which is a remarkable difference. Even tough stains that have built up over the years that come from coffee, wine, tobacco and more can be undone in just one treatment. Many patients notice a fantastic improvement and a much brighter smile immediately after the procedure.

It Is Easy—While some in-office whitening procedures can take up to an hour, the fast process means you are in and out in no time. You will not have to worry about the discomfort of overnight bleaching trays or taking too much time out of your schedule.

It Is Great for Sensitive Teeth—EPIC is a gentle whitening technique that is safe for all teeth. We offer a desensitization procedure for our patients if needed after. Talk to our dentists about tooth sensitivity if you have any concerns.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Options
Many of our patients prefer to whiten their teeth in their own home at their own pace. With your take-home whitening kit, you can whiten gradually or quickly.

At Atlantic Dental Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we recommend the Opalescence take-home whitening system. Opalescence is an outstanding system because it offers four different concentrations of whitening agents for a customized result. The results are long-lasting, and our dentists will help you to determine the right concentration to achieve your desired outcome.

How Does Take-Home Whitening Work?
Your first appointment will be to take impressions to make your custom whitening trays. These custom-fitted trays are superior to the one-size-fits-all approach you can find in stores. With a tray that fits snugly over your teeth, there is less risk of bleaching gel spilling out and exposure to your gums.

Before you start any at-home teeth whitening treatment, you should always brush and floss your teeth to ensure they are completely clean. Typically, the at-home teeth whitening gel is applied for an hour every day for two weeks. For best results, avoid eating, drinking or smoking directly after the treatment. After two weeks of at-home teeth whitening, a follow-up dental appointment can track the improvement in the enamel shade. With at-home whitening, you control how quick or gradual the process is.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?
Teeth whitening is not permanent, although you can extend the life of your teeth whitening treatment by avoiding foods and beverages that can stain. Typically, with proper care and maintenance, whitened teeth can last for one year or longer before more whitening treatments are necessary.
Our dentists may recommend that patients do not smoke or drink coffee or wine for long-lasting results. Avoiding staining foods and beverages after your whitening treatment is recommended for you to achieve your best results.

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Are you dissatisfied with the way your teeth look? Are you ready to look and feel more confident? Professional teeth whitening may be the perfect solution to beautify your appearance in just one dental visit. Call our team today at 410-213-7575 to schedule your teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Lawrence Michnick, Dr. Christopher Takacs or Dr. Kristen Mazzei. We look forward to giving you a brighter smile.

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