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Find out More About Our Revolutionary Teeth Whitening Procedure

We are excited to introduce a new teeth in-office whitening service that is capable of brightening your teeth by 4-6 shades in as little as 20 minutes of chair time. At Atlantic Dental, we understand that our patients want beautiful pearly whites without interrupting their busy schedule.

Our Ocean City, MD dental office is committed to providing our patients with affordable dental procedures that take little of their time through our use of state-of-the-art EPIC laser teeth whitening system.

What You Need to Know About EPIC Laser Teeth Whitening

EPIC lasers are highly effective and capable of enhancing the shade of your teeth by 4-6 shades, depending on the patient. We can have our ...

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Why an Implant Restoration Is the Best Tooth Replacement Choice

Dental Implant Diagram | Dentist In Ocean City Maryland

Tooth loss can have a devastating impact on your emotional health, and missing teeth limit dietary choices. In our, Ocean City, MD dental office, we want to give you back your smile and help optimize your diet.

At Atlantic Dental, we care about your teeth and your self-confidence!

Other implications for missing teeth may include:

  • Changes in speaking voice or pronounced “S” sounds
  • Teeth shifting toward open gaps
  • Wear on existing teeth that must do all the chewing
  • Bone loss

While there are several cosmetic options out there—even dentures—nothing restores your smile and your bite like implant restorations. In fact, implant restorations are the only permanent and aesthetically appealing choice for those who want best and ...

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Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants—the Best Tooth Replacement Available

Woman Smiling | Dental Implants | Ocean City MD

Are you unhappy with your smile because you are missing one or more teeth? Call Atlantic Dental to learn about how dental implants can restore your smile and protect your healthy teeth. We have provided the life-changing procedure of dental implants to many patients in the Ocean City, MD area. Will you be next?

The Problem With Missing Teeth

If you are missing a tooth, you might feel embarrassed about it. Perhaps you feel judged. Maybe it is impacting your social or professional life. The reality is that the problems with a missing tooth go deeper than that. You are putting the health of the rest of your teeth at risk ...

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Invisalign Are the Premier Adult Braces

Invisalign clear braces

Are you living with crowded or misaligned teeth? With so many great options for adults to have orthodontics these days, there is no reason you should be dissatisfied with your smile. Many adults are turning to orthodontics to correct their teeth and enhance their smiles and here’s why Invisalign clear braces in Ocean City, MD are the premier choice.

What Is Invisalign?

Instead of using unsightly metal brackets and wires, Invisalign offers adults a more discreet option with clear plastic aligners. These aligners are customized to fit snug, and they are comfortable to wear, so they don’t interfere with your daily activities. Additionally, because they’re clear, they are virtually invisible. You ...

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Gum Disease Won't Go Away, and Other Important Periodontal Facts

Man thinking

Periodontal (gum) disease affects nearly 50 percent of American adults in some form, yet most people don't know much about it. Here are some of the essential facts that you should know about gum disease and periodontics in Ocean City, MD.

Do You Know the Early Signs to Look For?

Gum disease can be difficult to diagnose on your own, especially early on since there's not much pain associated with it at first. However, there are some signs of the early stage of gum disease called gingivitis for you to be aware of such as:

  • Red, swollen, or irritated gums
  • Chronic bad breath you cannot get rid of
  • Gums that bleed when you brush or ...

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3 Reasons Why You Might Be Hiding Your Smile - And How Veneers Can Help

Woman Getting Dental Veneers | Ocean City MD


When was the last time you looked in the mirror and loved the smile you saw? How long has it been since you felt confident enough about your smile to share it with others in business and social interactions?

You’re not alone – some surveys show that at least a third of American adults are unhappy with the way their teeth look. But you deserve to be confident about your appearance, and today there are more treatments than ever to help you achieve your goal for a smile that lets your real personality shine through.

One treatment that is popular because it’s versatile and produces stunning results is porcelain veneers. These ultra-thin ...

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How a Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

A few months ago you noticed some sensitivity in your tooth when you were at the ice cream shop. You didn't think too much about it since it went away on its own. However, last night that same tooth woke you up with severe and excruciating pain that couldn't even be touched with ibuprofen. What is happening to your tooth, and how can you eliminate this pain?

Contact Your Dentist Right Away

A tooth that is causing you constant pain is probably infected. This means that decay has made its way into the nerve of your tooth causing an infection and a lot of pain. If this is the case, your tooth ...

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