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3 Ways Bridges Improve Oral Health

January 29, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Kristen Mazzei
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While we use dental crowns in our Ocean City, MD dental office for situations where there is a broken tooth, a similar procedure can actually replace a missing tooth in the wake of extraction or the event of tooth loss due to trauma.

Bridges improve oral health in three ways:

Restores Chewing Function

Chewing with even one or two missing teeth can feel awkward. It may even cause painful jaw problems and dysfunction because teeth no longer come together in optimum function. Missing teeth allow the opposing teeth to erupt too far in a condition called supereruption, which exposes roots and leads to gum disease or sensitivity.

By replacing your missing tooth with a custom dental bridge, the entire facial system benefits.

Keeps Teeth from Shifting

Missing teeth leave a gap, and that leads to a chain reaction in the mouth. Remaining teeth naturally shift toward the gap like a bookshelf with missing books. Exposed roots and the change in the bite lead to painful conditions and can even cause additional tooth loss.

When we place crowns on teeth in our Ocean City, MD dental office, we can use them to anchor an artificial tooth in place that acts as a placeholder to keep teeth from shifting.

Improves Speech and Diet

If you’ve ever had a missing tooth, you know how difficult speaking can be, especially if the tooth is at the front of your mouth where your tongue helps form words. Lisping and accidental spitting incidents make life embarrassing. Dental bridges close that gap and restore speech function.

Oh, and if you were missing some of your favorite foods because eating them became difficult, you can add them back to the menu.

For more information on how dental bridges improve your oral health, give us a call! We always love questions from curious patients.

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